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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

We both buy new (to us) pieces as well as are given different items, pretty much all for the Buggy Museum, but not totally. I am also asked by the persons making the donation to acknowledge it, but again not always. A letter is typically written, of course.

The first two (2) images are of the (I think we can safely say) 1880's Canadian & Russian sleigh. This sleigh will be completely restored, repainted, re-upholstered & placed in the Buggy Museum collection sometime in later 2022.

The third image is of a damaged buggy we purchased for the shafts & the wheels, to be used as motif items in the Buggy Museum. All five (5) pieces will be repaired & repainted.

The fourth image is of an 1864 Sterns & Davis melodeon, with fold-up legs designed so as to be easily transported west in covered wagons & buggies. A melodeon is a small pump reed organ created during the Civil War to provide musical entertainment in some difficult circumstances.

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