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Another part of this recent bequest was this pair of items, a collar cape & a hand muff, both made of rabbit fur, both dyed jet black - both choices very popular in the late 1890's & early 1900's Here there was both a style consideration as well as a need to deal with buggy & carriage travel in the colder months.

These items are also telling a story about this German immigrant to Dakota Territory, from the Potsdam region of Germany. He arrived without much in the way of financial resources, given the family stories about him extensive treks on foot, yet he aquired & proved up a homestead in Hand County, then apparently sold it & moved to Revillo, DT, in 1882.

In Revillo he met the woman who became his wife he opened a blacksmith shop, where they lived & worked rest of their lives. That he saved his cowboy

boots & buffalo gloves from his earliest days, in an excellent condition, speaks to both thrift & appreciation of quality. That he was able to provide his wife with the latest of fashion, in terms of buggy accessories, tells us that he as doing quite well financially.

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